Some Hotmail Features that you’re not aware of.

Many of the users might not know all the service that they can use it for free as they are busy doing their own thing with Microsoft. So here, we’ll be talking about some of the Hotmail features that are free and most of the users might know about.

Microsoft Family Features:

Family Features refers to creating a family group where you can add your family member’s email address and you can control the web activity of that account (this is possible only if you add a family member as a child). Seems interesting right.

So, what you need to do is go to the family feature settings page, add an email of your family member and if you are adding the email of your child, mark it as a child account. And once you’ve added an Outlook email account in your family group as a child, you can control the web activity of that account.familyfeatures-1024x445

This feature is best for the parent who are having a hard time controlling their toddlers. So, these are some of the advantages of this group:

  1. You can block the certain website to be viewed from that account. For example you can block that site that have nudity or you can basically control the time that your children spend on social media by disabling them form time to time.
  2. You can only allow few websites to be browsed. For example, you can only allow educational sites and few other sites that can be browsed via your child account. In this way your children can focus on a particular topic.
  3. Now the best part, you can make a time table of Xbox game play. You can create a weekly calendar followed by time on which you want to give access to play. So, in this way you can control your kids to focus on study rather that playing video games all day long.

Two step verification

Two step verification is the process in which if enabled, you need to enter the special one-time code generated by Hotmail and send it to your desired device in order to access your account. In this way your account will be super safe and no one can have the access to your account without your permission and you won’t have the risk of being your account hacked.

I know that most of you might be wondering, how come this is the special service as this is provided by many other email service provider. But the thing, in Hotmail you can do the verification process by an app. Yes, Microsoft has an app specially built for this purpose only and it’s called “Microsoft Authenticator”. This app works even when your phone is not connected to internet. So, this app works like a charm.


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